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Productivity Gadgets

Love it or hate it, modern technology has come up with some pretty sweet time and labour-saving devices. We have gathered some of our favorites productivity gadgets to share with you, so that you can get an idea how tech can make our workday easier. Although we have to remember that everyone’s lifestyle demands different tools, here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Livescribe Echo SmartpenLivescribe Echo Smartpen

Welcome to the future! This pen records meetings or anything else while you take notes. Then later, when you revisit your notes, you can simply tap your pen on a spot in your writing and the recording will play back from there. We don’t know how it works, but we do know that it is great for anyone who needs to review discussions on a regular basis, including researchers.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

This solar-powered wireless keyboard has chiclet keys and is less than half an inch thick. It is super lightweight and also easy to type on. It even includes a regular rechargeable battery for places without lighting, but some users have found that the light from an LCD monitor is enough to keep it running.


These wired earphones include zipper-integrated cabling that never tangles. The ear-piece is good for both music and voice, with loud, crystal-clear sound and noise-cancelling technology gets rid of a lot of background noise. They work with any phone, including Android and iPhone.

iGo Portable Projector

This small and durable gadget allows you to project videos up to the size of a 70″ television onto any presentable surface. It works with Mac and Windows software. The display screen is clear and concise and the sound clarity is brilliant. For professional and efficient work presentations wherever you are.

Quirky Contort USB hubQuirky-Contort-USB-Hub

This four-post USB includes a flexible neck with 360 degrees mobility so your USB devices do not suffer any damage. It also has a built-in cord management with four anchors to corral your cables and its height expands to 36 mm.

Dragon Dictate

This software recognizes your voice and… it types it! Everything you need to create documents, send emails, launch apps, open files or even control your mouse is keep talking.


This is a downloadable tool that remembers all your passwords for you. You can use it on all of your computers and comes with full synchronization. It also encrypts your information directly on your computer, instead of online somewhere. This add-on got a five-star editor rating from both cnet and PCMag. Unfortunately, they haven’t yet come up with a device to actually do your work for you, but these four are a good place to begin. We can always keep hoping…

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