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 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

If you are one of those workers who wish you had four hands to manage several tasks in less time, don’t give up yet! By using voice apps you can create and send emails, make calls or even solve math problems. In the meantime, you can keep working on your computer and multitasking without taking your fingers off the keyboard. All you need is your phone and a well-organized work plan. Keep reading to find out which voice  app better fulfills your needs.

  • Siri is definitely one of the best known voice action apps and it is definitely a good tool to speedup your tasks. But the Apple iPhone 4S isn’t the only toy around that uses voice activation. Before there was Siri, the App Store had a downloadable Voice Action app for sale, and still does for anyone who doesn’t have the 4S or 5. Apple’s Voice Action app provides similar features to Siri, but individual commands have to be recorded at first. The user interface on Siri is much more straightforward and more easily edited.
  • Meanwhile, Google was also able to create a viable competitor, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, that works pretty much as well as Siri, but for Android phones. Some of its more popular  features are the ‘Project Butter‘, which makes Jelly Bean run smoother and  Offline Voice Typing to help with voice-to-text tasks even when you don’t have Wi-Fi . There are other voice  apps options out there if you are not an iPhone owner: Speaktoit Assistant, to get closer to a real voice assistant, or EVA Intern which is activated just by shaking the phone.

SiriSiri or Android?

The main difference between the various services is accuracy, besides, of course, the kind of phone you have. Some users have found Siri to be the most adept at following commands the first time around, but Android was mostly reliable as well. Using a clear input device, such as a Bluetooth microphone, can help with clarity so that the app can figure out what you are saying right away. Consistency is another area where users might get turned on to one or the other. Siri speaks responses every time, whereas Google’s Jelly Bean sometimes speaks and sometimes delivers the information in text form.

Some common features of voice action apps are sending and dictating texts and emails, making calls, setting an alarm, launching a website, getting directions, and playing music from your library. You can also get information on things like weather conditions, nearby restaurants, or pretty much any topic on the web. You can even work out math problems simply by dictating the information into the phone.

At the end of the day, all voice action apps can be useful, depending on what you intend to do with it. Although Siri has more abilities than Google’s service (for example, making reservations at restaurants), it is worth considering how valuable you think these extras will be to you.

In typical Apple versus Google form, Siri is more streamlined and maybe easier to use for beginners, but Jelly Bean has better learning capabilities. The key is to figure out which one is more matched to your style.

Try them, and let us know which one make your multitasking more productive!

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