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Orée Wooden Keyboard

“Orée: French noun. 1. Lit. Outer edge of a forest. 2. Fig. Brink of something new”

It looks like an untouchable museum artifact, but this wooden keyboard was created for a unique and real typing experience. Impressed by its keys and its lofty material? Wait until you have it between your fingers. KeyRocket is giving away one Orée Keyboard for you and one friend until the 30th of October. Count down to sign you up and get one!

Orée Wooden KeysThe French atelier Orée understood the value of a handmade device. They also realized that the generic material used to make keyboards took away any originality you try to impress on it. By replacing plastic and metal to high quality wood from the French Alps and using a secret production process, Orée has created the elite class of the keyboards, ready to be used… and typed on! 

You might agree that the results are pretty attractive, but using it is even more impressive. ‘Tested the keyboard was a very pleasant experience. Paring was no problem at all, and the typing was actually very nice […].  We actually managed to get our typing speed up to normal levels’, describes Pocket-lint website; while Peclers trend agency labeled it like ‘a return to essentials with its natural, soft, sensual touch’. 

Losing plastics and metals doesn’t mean losing usability. Orée wooden keyboard is Bluetooth enabled, so you can connect it with all of your devices. It also has a long battery life since it uses a 3.0 chipset. The creators thought about the special care wood requires, so they varnish all the keyboards with a mostly invisible finish to avoid wear and tear. Keys are another big hit on this keyboard. They have a real depth thanks to a laser etched and a darkness that make them perfectly visible.  Handcrafted

Tech aspects aside, Orée creation process is also very special.  Each keyboard is made from a single wooden piece of Maple or Walnut. The wood is collected from trees that grow in a certain altitude in Jura, one aspect that
adds more quality to the material. Finally, the keyboard is finished and assembled by hand, while the rest of the work is done by machines. 

Maybe you are wondering now how an Orée keyboard was even imagined. Julien Salanave, Founder and Chief Product, is the mastermind behind this keyboard idea. After 15 years of searching for technology trends and disruptions across the globe, he found out that the properties of wood will make it possible to create ‘lasting and personal eco-friendly connected objects’. Franck Fontana’s eyes for design (Design Guru) and Christophe Della Signora’s hands (Wood Wizard) did the rest and the first Orée keyboard was born.

KeyRocket found in Orée a new way to change the relationship between users and tech: just by helping you to enjoy typing even more plus get things well done. So that’s why we want you and one of your friends to own one! Once you get it, KeyRocket will help you to employ every single key ;)


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