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Windows 8 Interface

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” – Closing Time, by Semisonic.

Microsoft just released its Windows 8 Operating System (OS)! The company, under its CEO, Steve Ballmer, is reported to be betting big on cloud and tablet computing. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise if users discover that Windows 8 is optimized for cloud and tablet computing.

Aside from those changes, there are a few commonly used keyboard shortcuts that are going to be eliminated in the upcoming OS. We know that sounds like bad news to productivity-conscious people, but don’t fret, there are new Windows 8 shortcuts in the latest Microsoft’s baby. To keep you posted, below are the keyboard shortcuts that we will all be eventually saying goodbye to:

1. Ctrl + ESC.

The shortcut used to bring up the start menu, is going to be eliminated in Windows 8 because the start menu is going to be eliminated totally.

2. F6.

This key will cease to have any functions in windows 8. In previous Windows versions, this key used to let you go through different elements in a window (like going through an online form or page with frames), but since eliminating frames in webpages are now currently the trend, this key will now lose its previous functionality.

3. Alt + Esc.

This neat shortcut used to let you go through windows on your desktop in the order that they were opened. This is pretty useful for people who are very particular (AKA have OCD) on how they use their computers and how they are set-up.

4. Win + Home.

This is a strictly Windows 7 shortcut that lets you close every window on your screen except for the active one. It’s very useful for closing pop-ups that got accidentally activated or for freeing up memory very quickly. Unfortunately, this one too is getting dropped in the upcoming Windows 8 OS.

5. Win + Shift + M.

This shortcut only worked on Windows Vista. It basically opens every minimized window on your desktop. This shortcut isn’t probably really useful, so maybe that is why the guys at Microsoft are letting it go.
Hands on Windows 8. Source: CNET Video

These five shortcuts are getting dropped out of Windows 8, but fortunately for us who like to work more productively by using keyboard shortcuts, Microsoft is throwing in new power shortcuts too. And some of the most useful ones are listed below:

1. Win + X opens up the following menu:

  • Programs and Features
  • Power options
  • Event Viewer
  • System
  • Device Manager
  • Disk Management
  • Computer Management
  • Command Prompt
  • Command Prompt (Admin)
  • Task Manager
  • Control Panel
  • File Explorer
  • Search
  • Run
  • Desktop

2. Adding the following keys to the Win + X shortcut lets you access the menu items directly:

  • F is for program and features (it adds or removes programs).
  • O is for power options.
  • V is for event viewer.
  • Y is for system properties (you can also use Win + BREAK for this).
  • M is for device manager.
  • K is for Disk management.
  • G is for computer management.
  • C is for command prompt.
  • A is for the command prompts with admin access.
  • T is for the task manager.
  • P is for the control panel.
  • E is for the File explorer.
  • S is for search (this option will take you to the start screen’s all “Apps” view which lets you can pick any app from the list).
  • R is for run (but you can still use Win + R for this).
  • D is for desktop (you can also use Win + D for this).


Since most PC users would eventually migrate to Windows 8, learning these new power keyboard shortcuts will help you maintain the level of efficiency that you used to enjoy with the old Microsoft OS, or perhaps even better.

For an easiest way to keep working faster by using keyboard shortcuts just install KeyRocket, and check how fast you can work on Microsoft 8 or whatever Operating System you are using ;)


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