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Computer Tricks
Even though computers have come a long way since the days when they were the size of a city block, some of the basic functioning hasn’t really changed a whole lot. Some of the best computer tricks come from the early days of home PCs and we’ve compiled five of them here to make sure you are getting the best out of your computing experience.

1. Restart your computer.

If your computer is freaking out or running especially slow, simply save all your files and restart the system. More often than not, this will get you in the clear, since temporary files will be cleaned out and pending updates will be installed.

2. Back up your files.

Update Process

In fact, back up everything, including the recovery software that may or may not have come with your computer. When setting up your computer for the first time, you should be prompted to make a disc so that you can reset the system back to factory conditions. However, these discs can easily get lost in a mobile world, so you might want to consider making multiple copies and keeping at least one on a USB stick.

3. Go through the update process.

A lot of people leave their computers on constantly, so we tend to miss out on some of the regular updates. These updates are important, since they not only add more features to the software or operating system, but they also serve to provide better security with every new patch.

4. Think long and hard before buying extended warranties.

Only rarely do extended warranties come in handy, so most of the time, you’re simply wasting your money. In some cases, you may pay less than $10 and get a total replacement if the hardware dies within a certain amount of time. These might be worth considering, but anything that comes with a list of things to be afraid of is probably not as important as the salesperson makes it seem.

5. Buy last year’s stuff.

In the current market system, companies always have to be pushing new and better products. For most people, last year’s computer is not really that different from this year’s, so save yourself some money and check out the top of the line from the previous year. Unless you are doing intense computer work, which most people aren’t, last year’s computer is sure to do the job you need. 

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