Unplugging The Keyboard. Source: Ehow.com

TL;DR – To improve KeyRocket, our trainer for keyboard shortcuts – I blocked the 169 most used keyboard shortcuts in Excel from working so I have to use the mouse and learn them anew.

One of the reasons I started KeyRocket as a shortcut trainer were my Excel skills. Like in most software applications, shortcuts are extremely useful in Excel and mastering them makes a huge difference productivity.¬†By the way more importantly than the speed is the state of flow you can reach when you can manipulate your work quickly, so that you can focus on the “what” you are doing and don’t have to think about or wait for the “how” (select … move … right-click … move … insert ….).

A pretty common startup principle is “Eat-your-own-dogfood” which means you should be using your own product and I fully agree with it. The problem is this: how can I use and experience KeyRocket to teach me keyboard shortcuts when I’m using almost all of them already? Being stuck with this for a while now I took a drastical measure today.

From our feedback data determined the most used shortcuts in Excel 2010 English (this will be another post) and then wrote an AutoHotkey Script to prevent the shortcuts from working.

That means that in my Excel Ctrl+C to copy text does not work anymore (yes, I’m gonna die). The only way for me to get that shortcut back is to use KeyRocket and wait for its recommendation. In that case I will disable the block for the shortcut I learned and enjoy my regained efficiency :-)

I don’t know how long this experiment will last or how much I will hate Excel and the Mouse after it, but I’m fearless and humbly submit to our higher goal of bringing shortcuts to the world.

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