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Twitter for Business

The business landscape is constantly changing. A major part of worldwide companies are now using different forms of digital and social media strategies. We have already deep into some productive tips for company profiles in LinkedIn. But when we’re talking about social media, we can’t help but talk about Facebook and Twitter. 

For this article we wanted to focus on Twitter for business so you can use a company Twitter account more effectively, increase followers and your business be better heard in the social media space. To do so, we compiled some of the strategies that Kevin Rose, the founder of the tech startup digg.com, took to reach about 1.3 million followers on Twitter plus a few essential business tips to get out more of  Twitter service.

1. Completely fill in your bio. Your tweets and @replies won’t mean much to people who don’t know you. Your bio is the only place in Twitter where you can tell people who you are, and it also appears on Twitter’s suggested user’s page. Leaving this part blank or non-descriptive won’t do much in encouraging people to follow you.

2. Write valuable tweets. Tweet something that is valuable to your followers. According to a study about what people like to read on Twitter, tweets that were labeled “worth reading” fell into four categories: Informative, Funny, Useful, and Exciting. So as long as your tweet falls into one of those categories, you have a good shot of your tweet being noticed and retweeted. It is also very important that you don’t annoy your followers. Avoid sending cryptic tweets, repeating old news, tweets with too many # and @ signs, links without commentary, and of course, boring tweets.Source: Aworldoftweets.com

3. Encourage re-tweets. Teach your followers all about re-tweeting and encourage them to re-tweet your links. This particular activity places your @username into the social graphs, which results in clicks back to your profile. You can also bookmark your content through tools like Su.pr, and track your retweets by using retweeting. According to Gary Vaynerchuk, putting links to your Twitter profile everywhere (Digg, LinkedIn, Facebook, blog, email signature…) will be really useful to increasing traffic to your account. Check out cool feedburner like badges from TwitterCounter for your blog.

4. Use #hash-tags. Hash tagging your company’ s interests and passions helps people find your quality easily. And if people find value in your content, they will definitely follow you. In addition, by replying to #hash tag memes you can stay active. Search.twitter.com lists the hot trending topics. Look for the #hash topics and jump in on the conversation.

5. Use Twitter shortcuts. Fortunately, keyboard shortcuts are also available in social networks. As shortcuts fans, we have already compiled ‘Top 10 Twitter Shortcuts‘ so your work on Twitter goes as quickly and easy as your work in Office, Windows and Gmail does with KeyRocket shortcuts

6. Bring your Twitter account into the real world. Wherever you go, if you give a talk, speak to a panel, present slides, or hand out a business card, make sure you display your twitter account. This makes it easy for people you meet to add you immediately.

7. Take pictures and start a contest. Images are largely re-tweeted and generally spread faster. For mobile pics use iPhone apps such as Tweetie which supports on the go uploading. In addition, contests will encourage people to add you just to be eligible for whatever prize that you’re offering.

8. Follow smartly. Since follow someone means that their tweets will show up on your homepage, you should be selective with them and always think that quality is over quantity. Twellow.com helps you sort Twitter profiles by industry while Twitterpacks let you find and add content by topic, location, company or events. Of course, don’t forget to keep following your top Twitter users closely to observe what they tweet. Pay attention to the type of content they post and also how they address their audience.

9. Use Twitter like a helpdesk. Provide and engage tech support via simple tweets or direct messages is easier and faster. Furthermore, you can even provide your support via Twitter to people who aren’t your real customers yet. There are a lot of free tools to manage customer service interaction in Twitter: Tweetdeck, HootSuite, Tweet2Tweet and InboxQ are just some examples.

10. Always keep an eye on your results. Use TwitterCounter to show you how many users you’re adding per day, and Qwitter to let you know when someone unfollows you after a tweet.


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