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Wouldn’t it be great if we could have custom shortcuts for the things that we do often? 
Here’s a prime example for such a bugger.

Rob Moffat pointed out to me that he often receives financial models (excel files) that contain hidden worksheets, and went on to say “you don’t understand a model until you see all the hidden sheets, do you?”. So he finds himself unhiding sheet after sheet over and over again either with the mouse:

  1. Right-click in the worksheet area to bring up the context menu
  2. Select “Unhide…”
  3. Click OK
Or with the keyboard sequence Alt > H > O > U > H + Enter.

All these actions (3 clicks or 5 keystrokes for each sheet) because Microsoft forgot to put in a function to unhide all sheets at once? Doesn’t sound convenient? No it isn’t.

When asking Google we find that there are some Do-It-Yourself solutions (with Excel VBA Macros or AutoHotKey scripts) available. Sound convenient? Not really.

So what’s the ideal solution?

  1. From your behavior, KeyRocket understands that you click “Unhide…” often
  2. KeyRocket suggests that you choose a custom shortcut to “Unhide all sheets” for example Ctrl+Shift+Alt+U
  3. KeyRocket provides the shortcut (no additional installation of macros or add-ins)
What do we have so far:

  1. From our database of feedback data (shoutout to hadoop: getting close to a billion rows :-) I  identified the Top 5 users of “Unhide”, I emailed them and one got back in less than an hour (Hi Eric :-)
  2. I wrote a tiny C# Application that sets a global hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Alt+U to unhide all sheets in the active excel application (should work for Excel 2010, 2013 in all languages)
  3. Download Keyrocket_Excel_Unhide_All_Sheets and put it in autorun or run it manually when you need it (this doesn’t have any interface, if you want to exit it for any reason use the task manager)
  4. To try it,  open any worksheet with hidden worksheets (or hide some) and then press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U. 
If you use the tool: I need your feedback! When everything goes well we will integrate the shortcut directly into KeyRocket.

That’s it, one shortcut closer to maximum productivity for every computer user on the planet!

If you can see the beauty of this, but can’t wait until we have the custom shortcuts in KeyRocket shoot me an email to and I’ll implement your custom shortcut as another case study!

4 Responses to “Case Study 1: Custom Shortcuts – Unhide all Excel worksheets with a single keyboard shortcut”

  1. Manab

    It worked like a breeze. Its really great to have a thing like this. Saving a lot of time. Thanks a lot…


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