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KeyRocket Premium support has been extended to include absolutely all Visual Studio shortcuts (including custom mappings by users). The latest release of KeyRocket streamlines web and application development by suggesting keyboard shortcuts based on individual working habits, bringing its proven shortcut teaching method to the development arena. Now every Visual Studio developer can save time and effort by eliminating unnecessary mouse clicks, no matter what their level of expertise.

Keyboard fluency is vital for developers at all levels, but finding and learning the shortcuts they need has been a daunting and time-consuming task. No longer! KeyRocket includes absolutely all of the Visual Studio 2010 and 2012 shortcuts in English (including all custom shortcut mappings). As always, KeyRocket only shows the shortcuts that each user needs. Since the tool automatically adapts to match the skill level and work habits of each user, even the most seasoned developer will learn something new.

TL;DR – Web and application developers can take their efficiency to the next level with KeyRocket shortcuts for Visual Studio. Go Premium now and forget about the mouse when you code, debug or build interfaces in Visual Studio.

Advanced Popup SettingsNow more personalized

In addition to automatically recognize the expertise level of each user, KeyRocket also let you personalize the frequency, duration and place in the screen of the pop-up notifications. Just click in ‘Pop-up settings’ once you get the notification and tune the preferences up to your needs.

Press Release – KeyRocket Streamlines Web & Application Development ByTeaching Shortcuts For Visual Studio


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