Outlook 2013 Customized Shortcuts

Note: Want your own shortcut? Mail me at  jan@keyrocket.com!

Update: You can actually press Ctrl+O to Pop-Out and Escape to discard (Source).

Sometimes there are these buttons you can click on with the mouse, but all you want is a nice little keyboard shortcut to keep your hands on the keyboard.

Tom Ward from Viligant.IT asked whether there is a shortcut for the new “Pop-Out” and “Discard” Buttons for the Quick Reply Function in Microsoft Outlook 2013. Turns out there are no keyboard shortcuts and we haven’t found a way to configure Outlook in the desired way. (While you can change the default behavior to “always pop-out replies” that’s not what Tom wanted).

To always clicks these buttons with the mouse is nasty, because most of us are still writing their emails with the keyboard ;-) so it helps when you can keep typing instead of reaching for that little bugger (the mouse / track-pad).

At KeyRocket we can’t stand the missing shortcuts so we’ve built a simple Outlook 2013 Add-In for Tom and you.

It works simple:

  1. Download the Outlook 2013 Add-In
  2. Install the setup.exe
  3. Use Ctrl+Shift+P to Pop-Out and Ctrl+Shift+D to Discard when you are selecting/editing a quick reply.

That’s it, two keyboard shortcuts closer to maximum productivity for every computer user on the planet!

If you can see the beauty of this, but can’t wait until we have the custom shortcuts in KeyRocket shoot me an email to jan@keyrocket.com and I’ll implement your custom shortcut as another case study!

Other examples?


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