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Today Brendon asked whether we could give her Ctrl+Shift+F as a custom shortcut to insert an equation in Microsoft Word 2013. Luckily Word is the only Office application where you can assign custom shortcuts already.

Here is how to create a custom shortcut in Microsoft Word 2013:

  1. File > Options Word_Custom_Shortcut_1
  2. Customize Ribbon > Keyboard Shortcuts: Customize…
  3. Find and click the appropriate Command (Insert Tab > Equation Insert)
  4. Click inside the “Press new shortcut key:”
  5. Press the keyboard shortcut you want to assign (Ctrl+Shift+F)
  6. (Check the currently assigned to understand whether you overwrite another shortcut)
  7. Click “Assign”
  8. Click Close Word_Custom_Shortcut_2

That’s it when you press Ctrl+Shift+F now a new “Equation” should be inserted.

Any questions please ask in the comments.

And If you can’t wait until we have the custom shortcuts in KeyRocket shoot me an email to jan@keyrocket.com and I’ll implement your custom shortcut as another case study!

More examples:

10 Responses to “Case Study 3: Custom Shortcuts – Insert Formula in Word 2013 With a Keyboard Shortcut”

  1. Brendon Cooper

    Wow Jan! I never knew I could already make custom shortcuts in Word! Thank you very much!

  2. Christopher Tingö

    Awesome! Didn’t know about the custom shortcuts in Word, that’ll be useful – Keep these cases coming!

  3. laprica

    I thought Microsoft Word already had a shortcut to do that by pressing ‘alt+ = ‘ to insert a new equation

  4. regitzecc


    When I create the shortcut it opens an equation in Equation Editor. However, I would like it just to create a new simple equation within the document. Does anyone know what to do about it?


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