We all know this annoying (but useful) security dialog that appears when you open a downloaded Office document or from an email attachment:


Before you can edit, or even print the document you have to click the button. Of course you could simply switch the question off but that would be a significant security risk.

Our user Nicola asked whether you can “Enable Editing” with a keyboard shortcut. There are a couple of alternatives:

1. Out of the box

With every affected Office programm in 2010 and 2013 this should work: Alt > F > I > E.

Explanation: Pressing Alt to bring up the File Dialog, then the Info and finally E does the requested “Enable Editing” action.


2. Create your own Quick Access Toolbar Shortcut

Depending on how often you need to enable editing this sequence might be too long to press every time or hard to remember. Wouldn’t it be  nice to have a really simple shortcut. Like Alt+1 ?

Here is how to achieve that:

  1. In the Quick Access bar on the top left click the small down arrow and then “More Commands” EnableEditing_2

  2. Change the “Chose command from” to “All Commands”
  3. Find and select “Enable Editing” (press E to be taken to the section quicker)
  4. Press “Add” (with “Enable Editing” selected) to move it into your Quick Access Toolbar.
  5. Press the Up Arrow on the right to move it to the first position
  6. Press OkEnableEditing_3

Now when back in the application you should see a new Icon in the Quick Access Toolbar. When you press Alt you can see that by press Alt + 1 you can access the new the “Enable editing” straight away.


Try it by opening a office document from the web and press Alt+1!

Of course you can vary the position in step 5 to have another digit. You can also use this technique to create other shortcuts for actions you use often.

Any questions please ask in the comments.

And If you can’t wait until we have the custom shortcuts in KeyRocket shoot me an email to jan@keyrocket.com and I’ll implement your custom shortcut as another case study!

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