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Computers are part of our daily lives.  We spend countless hours sending emails, writing documents, and surfing the web.  With so much time spent on a computer, it is important to get things done as efficiently as possible.  Even saving a few seconds on each task will add up in the long run.

Here are some computer skills that will help streamline your workflow:

Keyboarding: Strong typing skills and a knowledge of keyboard shortcuts will make any task quicker.

  1. Type without looking at the keyboard and use all your fingers.  Learning to touch-type can increase your typing speed to 100 word per minute.  There are several software programs that teach this.
  2. Use keyboard shortcuts for repetitive tasks.  Shortcuts both enhance your workflow and let you type in a more comfortable way.  By keeping your fingers on the keyboard, you cut down on wrist strain and increase productivity.  KeyRocket knows all those shortcuts and helps you master the ones you use the most.

File Maintenance and Organization: Knowing how and where to save files is vital.

  1. Use naming conventions to organize your data.  Using patterns to name documents makes it much easier to find them on your computer.
  2. Use tricks and shortcuts to find files easily. There are three possibilities to narrow down your searching:
  • The search box.  Located at the top of every folder, it filters the current view based on what you write.
  • The search folder.  Pressing +F will let you search in every file or folder on your computer.  You can also add filters to narrow down your search results.
  • The start menu.  Access by pressing  . The start menu is perfect for finding programs or files located in indexed locations.  You can even search through websites stored in your browser’s history.
  1. Use shortcut links. Instead of copying the file into several locations, trying creating a direct shortcut link that will save lots of valuable hard drive space.  Simply right-click on any file and select ‘Create Shortcut‘.

Using the internet for Research: Besides social networking and E-mail, the Internet can also be a great source of information.

  1. Try different search engines.  Results tend to vary depending on which search engine you use.
  2. Use shortcuts and other search tips to narrow down results to the first page.
  3. Surf the web safely.  Hackers and malware may threaten your computer every time you are online.  Activate a firewall, limit cookies, and use encryption when you have to enter personal data.

Basic Troubleshooting/System Administration: Your computer needs regular maintenance to keep it working as fast as possible.

Failure to do so can result in a slow and unstable PC. Apps like TuneUp help keep your computer fast and reliable. Additionally, there are several steps you do yourself

  1. Always save your work.
  2. Press Alt + Ctrl + Delete to launch the Task Manager and end non-responsive programs.  These can slow down the other tasks on your PC.  If your computer continues to perform slowly, try rebooting it by pressing Alt + Ctrl + Delete twice.
  3. Use Disk Defragmenter once a month.  This Windows utility rearranges files to speed up your system.

2 Responses to “Helpful Computer Skills To Streamline Your Workflow”

  1. foraminut

    Once a month is far too infrequent if you spend any time on the ‘net, because kazillions of bytes of temporary data are dumped and then erased and then dumped and erased, all within a single session. i do it weekly. Also, Auslogics’ Defraggler is a wonderful defragmenter. Caution, also: don’t defrag peripheral drives, which have limited writes to them.

    • BeaMartz

      Yeah, good point! Degrag once a week is more advisable due to Internet sessions. Thanks for the tip ;)


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