Every advanced PowerPoint user will tell you the same story. You start out with PowerPoint and learn some basic shortcuts, getting faster and faster and more effective every day. But sooner or later, you realize there are certain mouse clicks that you just can’t get rid of, no matter how many shortcuts you learn.

KeyRocket to the rescue!  Voilá, here’s the list of easy keyboard shortcuts which are automatically at your fingertips with KeyRocket but aren’t available in Microsoft PowerPoint on its own:

Function Shortcut
Align Left Ctrl+Alt+1
Align Right Ctrl+Alt+3
Align Horizontal Center Ctrl+Alt+2
Distribute Objects Horizontally Ctrl+Alt+4
Align Top Alt+Shift+1
Align Vertical Center Ctrl+Alt+2
Align Bottom Alt+Shift+3
Distribute Objects Vertically Alt+Shift+4
Align to Slide Ctrl+Alt+5
Bring to Front Alt+Shift+W
Bring Forward Alt+Shift+S
Send Backward Alt+Shift+A
Send to Back Alt+Shift+Q
View – Normal Ctrl+1
View – Outline Ctrl+2
View – Notes Ctrl+3
View – SlideSorter Ctrl+4
View – Reading Ctrl+5
Increase Font Size Ctrl+Shift+.
Decrease Font Size Ctrl+Shift+X
Object – Regroup Ctrl+Shift+,

Please send all feedback to jans@keyrocket.com

Background: After we’d developed ‘KeyRocket Custom Shortcuts’ we realized that most users need the same ‘most frequent’ custom shortcuts. So, instead of having everybody assign their own shortcut, we decided we’d take the established industry standards and implement them as defaults.

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to get your Free Download of KeyRocket to master keyboard shortcuts and take advantage of these additional shortcuts that Microsoft forgot.


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