You can now add your own, totally customized keyboard shortcuts in Excel, PowerPoint and Visual Studio with KeyRocket.

 KeyRocket also includes 40 of the most requested shortcuts by default to give you a head-start.

Have you ever come across an annoyingly long or complicated keyboard shortcut in Excel or PowerPoint? With KeyRocket (Free Download) you can now use very short personalized shortcuts to trigger most PowerPoint or Excel functions.


The standard keyboard shortcut for ‘Merge Cells’ in Excel is Alt > H > M > M .

With ‘KeyRocket Custom Shortcuts,’ you can assign Ctrl+M (or any other combination you want).


The best part? Creating a shortcut is as easy as pie.

How to assign a custom shortcut:

When you click a particular button often, a special KeyRocket notification appears.

  1. Click inside the suggestion box
  2. Press the keyboard shortcut combination you want to use (any combination of Alt, Ctrl, Shift and Numbers/Letters, even sequences. Just try!)
  3. Press Enter to “Save” your new shortcut (or click the “Save” button)

That’s it; your new Custom Shortcut is ready to go!

  • If you picked a shortcut that is already in use, you won’t be able save and there will be a conflict indicator (read more about Shortcut Conflicts).
  • For now, KeyRocket Custom Shortcuts are available in the English versions of Excel and PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and 2013.

By the way, we’ve already added default settings for the 40 most requested shortcuts. See the full lists here: Missing Shortcuts for ExcelMissing Shortcuts for PowerPoint.

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