Did you ever want to change a particular shortcut to something else in Microsoft Excel? Jackson, one of our latest customers wanted to use Ctrl+Enter instead of F2. Unfortunately you can’t do that directly in KeyRocket yet. But I can definitely see how you want something like that if you are a keyboard enthusiast.

So here is how.

  1. Download & InstallĀ Autohotkey
  2. Download this script or copy the content into your Autohotkey.ahk
    #IfWinActive ahk_class XLMAIN ; hotkeys only works in Excel ^Enter:: ; a hotkey, capture when Ctrl+Enter is pressed Send {F2} ; send the F2 key instead
  3. Adjust the mappings (refer to this list of key names)
  4. Make sure the script is loaded on startup (copy it to your auto-run folder).

A more general process for other applications is described in this Autohotkey Forum thread.

Any questions please ask!