Never miss or forget a footnote again!

Why using footnotes?

They add information and give credibility to the presented facts. Footnotes are never alone, for a great footnote you need two parts:

  • Footnote: the actual text, usually in the footer of the page .
  • Reference: the small number that indicates which portion of the text is explained in detail

What can go wrong goes wrong?

We automatically checked a large pool of real-world presentations from top-notch consultancy firms and guess what: inconsistent footnotes are everywhere. And that’s hardly surprising, given the method of choice: manually checking footnotes in a tiny font at 2am in the morning!

Nobody is immune to these errors

  • Unnecessary footnotes: after duplicating an entire slide, editing the text but not the footnotes
  • Duplicate references: when pasting text that included references
  • Wrong sequence of footnotes: after removing a footnote that’s not needed anymore

So what’s the solution?

You have guessed it: SlideProof’ got your back. SlideProof comes with an excellent footnote detection. SlideProof ensures that the footnotes are consistent on each slide. Here is an example:


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