Alignment of shapes on slide

SlideProof comes with the handy rule “Alignment of Shapes on Slide” that tries to find shapes that are not properly aligned or slightly misaligned. As this contains a little bit of black magic we were asked to expose the parameters so that you as a user can adjust it. Finally we thought it would again be better to hide the complexity behind a sensitivity slider. Low sensitivity means less errors are found whereas high sensitivity means many errors. Unfortunately a high sensitivity comes with more false-positives hits.

Adjusting sensitivity

The sensitivity slider can be accessed in SlideProof’s settings and looks like this:


What it actually does

It actually adjusts two internal parameters: The maximum allowed distance for shapes being regarded as “should be aligned”:


The second parameter is a little bit more complicated: The maximum number of errors that can appear on a slide. When there are many shapes on a slide, chances are less they are supposed to be properly aligned. Or: You can’t align the chaos.

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