Many heavily used Excel features do not have shortcut keys assigned. But with KeyRocket you can assign your own shortcuts in Excel. In this text I show you how to set up a shortcut. This works for all Office products.

There are two ways to create a shortcut in Excel: Either while working via the shortcut notification or from within the shortcut browser.

On demand, while you work

When you use a function in Excel several times with the mouse, a missed shortcut notification pops up on the screen. If the feature has no shortcut assigned yet, the notification should show the ribbon access key combination and a shortcut field below to assign your own shortcut keys. The shortcut field already contains a suggestion. By pressing save you can assign the feature to the suggested shortcut. You can also override the suggestion by clicking inside the field and pressing the desired keys:

Excel with a custom shortcut notification

From within the shortcut browser

Just open the KeyRocket shortcut browser by pressing Win+Shift+K. Set the currently shown application to Excel (1.). Search for the feature in the search bar (2.). Press the small wrench icon to assign a custom shortcut (3.):

KeyRocket shortcut browser

Then a shortcut field appears where you can enter the desired keys (4.). Finish by pressing Enter key:

Shortcut field in shortcut browser

And finally there it is: You now have assigned your own shortcut to a function in Excel:

The shortcut field in shortcut browser


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