We’ve busy to make PowerPoint less frustrating, SlideProof 3 will gives you 4 ways to do so:

  • Agenda – Automatic section dividers, page numbers and topic highlighting.
  • Library – Quickly insert slides, shapes or images from a shared library.
  • Check – Spot and fix inconsistencies in content, formatting and layout.
  • Productivity – Vital helpers from email as PDF to switching objects.

Here is what it looks like inside PowerPoint:

SlideProof 3 Ribbon  

So bring your PowerPoint productivity to the next level with SlideProof 3.

Download SlideProof 3 Now

Existing user? Simply change Ribbon Style to Complete under SlideProof > Settings (screenshot).

SlideProof 3 is free for all current subscribers. Visit our webshop to buy now!

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