The situation is familiar to many consultants. The master templates have been setup up properly, but the footer elements are formatted wrong when inserting from one presentation to another.

Recently we’ve gotten a sample from one of our management consulting customers from the UK.

  • First I checked the faulty behavior: Pasting (Default: use destination formation) put the date footer in on top of the page (0,0) with a wrong font size (13). But for some reason the page number was not affected.
  • Next I checked the Slide Master View, whether a new Layout was created, but the Layout “Title Only” already existed.
  • Next I tried to Insert > Header Footer > Apply to all, but that had no effect on the formatting.
  • Reseting the slide after inserting had the desired effect. Maybe reseting the original slide before copy and paste would help. Unfortunately not.
  • Also taking the Date Footer off and putting it back on on the orginial slide had no effect.
  • Then I checked the shape names from the selection pane but no indication.
  • We realized that the source layout included on additional element (footer). but removing it didn’t help.

First breakthrough: We got it to work without reset by removing and re-adding all footer elements from source and target.

Removing the footer in the target layout no made the page number act weird instead of the footer.

The placeholder from the slide master are linked to the ones on the slide.I check by fill coloring the one on the slide master and the fill appeared on the layout as well. Both for target and source …


What finally did the trick is to remove the Footer element from the source master and layout. Then remove and re-add the date and page number elements on the layout from both the source and the target.

  1. In the source presentation in Master View
    1. Go to “Slide Master” and delete the “presentation title” footer element
    2. Go to each layout:
      1. Delete the footer Elements (Date, presentation title and slide number)
      2. Click “Slide Master” > Master Layout > and tick “Footers”
    3. In the target presentation ( the blank.pptx) in Master View
      1. Go to each layout:
        1. Delete the footer Elements (Date, presentation title and slide number)
        2. Click “Slide Master” > Master Layout > and tick “Footers”

One Response to “Why are my PowerPoint Footers breaking when I copy&paste into a different Presentation?”

  1. brother customer support

    This is one of the problems that I have also faced while using the powerpoint and copying the footer. But it can be avoided. Just go to the footer section of the page and double click on there. It will give you the access to copy the footer and just select the particular text and copy it, then past by the same process. Go to the page you want and double-click on the footer section. and the area will be editable and just paste it.


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