Goodbye dialogs! Agenda is now on a side pane!

This new design allows you to see the Agenda while you build it. Moreover you will be able to modify Agenda Settings without having to re-open dialog boxes
  • Free Tip: Ctrl+Enter allows you to update the current section and to create a new one ;) So as an expert user you can keep adding sections.



Hello clean structure and Folder View!

When opening the Library you will now see the folders view. This makes it easier to find the content you’re looking for. It is organized the same way as your file explorer. Find all your paths sorted alphabetically.

Zoom Slider and Grouping Results!

Those too tools will help you while searching for content. The Zoom Slider allows you to adjust the size of the items. Also, you can now choose to have your results shown by Category, Type or File.  


Introducing subfolders publishing!

With the new Publish Pane, you  can specify into which folder your content will be published. You can now also choose what to do with your presentation file:
  • No action: keeps the source presentation file where it is;
  • Move: permanently moves the source presentation file to the selected library;
  • Duplicate: creates a copy of the source presentation file inside the selected library location
That’s it for this month. We love to hear ideas at and if there is anything we can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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If you want to stay up to date with the improvements check out our changelog.

Here is the list of all the improvement we’ve made during April:

  • Agenda: “Update” buttons on the pane do the same
  • Agenda: Fixed editing first section
  • Agenda: Fixed renaming of first section not working
  • Bug-fix: Fixed button and combobox widths
  • Customization: Enabled client statistics
  • Library: “Shapes ” are renamed to be “Shapes & Pictures”
  • Library: Show/hide tree view setting is not stored in the registry
  • Productivity: Create presentation from pictures works with JPG
  • Agenda: Add section saves edits before adding new one
  • Agenda: Ctrl-Enter within “Section” textbox add a new default section
  • Agenda: Fixed “Update Agenda” error on executing without the Agenda Pane being opened
  • Agenda: Fixed updating of agenda pane when clicking on section with several slides
  • Agenda: Loading Agenda from Library updates the Agenda pane
  • Agenda: Replaced dialog boxes with Agenda pane
  • Agenda: textbox with name is focused on adding new section
  • Agenda: Improved error messages
  • Bug-fix: Fixed critical memory leak
  • Bug-fix: Fixed critical memory leak
  • Common: Fixed problems with messages not shown if trial expired
  • Common: Task pane width is adjusted to different screen zoom (DPI)
  • Library: “Library Offline” message now links to the SlideProof Knowledge Base website
  • Library: Added registry key to specify location of the library cache
  • Library: Added shortcut commands for the publishing menu
  • Library: Target folder can now be selected during publishing
  • Library: Allow to adjust number of items shown per row
  • Library: Do not fail when installing Template SPZIPs and document location is read-only
  • Library: Fixed bugs with publish pane
  • Library: Fixed crash when publishing after a slide from library was inserted
  • Library: Fixed crash when publishing after a slide from library was inserted
  • Library: Fixed uncritical exception when library contained no SPZIP at all
  • Library: Fixed uncritical exception when SPZIPs get deinstalled
  • Library: Unified order of the library types in all dropdowns to follow Library order
  • Productivity: “Placeholders menu” and “Add Textbox” always clickable
  • Productivity: FormatPainter – renamed “Show FormatPainter” to “Pick”
  • Productivity: Menu for inserting harvey balls grayed out if there is no presentation open
  • Productivity: Template Changer – “Choose template text” is not not selectable
  • Productivity: Template Changer – “No design selected” message in the pane, when no design is selected
  • Productivity: Template Changer – Loading template from library selects correct Master now
  • Styles: Application now also works on grouped shapes
  • Styles: Group shapes is now tracked properly on the Style Pane
  • Styles: Grouping and ungrouping now keeps the style
  • Styles: Re-apply now works fine with group shapes
  • Styles: Taxonomy for style creation works now if Library contains template called Taxonomy
  • Styles: While comparing style names case is ignored
  • Styles: Allow to adjust number of items shown per row
  • TemplateChanger: Fixed exception “Fonts are null”

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