We know what life is like for students – you spend most of your time working on your computer! Veodin has decided to help by giving students free access to our software: SlideProof and KeyRocket! Increase your efficiency when using PowerPoint with SlideProof. With our software you’ll be able to make flawless presentations for your… Read more »

Let’s discover together SlideProof new features! Outline weight To make it easier for you to customize the outline weight, the button is now a a drop down menu. Turn line Vertical or Horizontal Easily turn your lines and ensure they are horizontally or vertically aligned. These buttons are located in the outline section. Alignment Warning… Read more »

Publish Selected Slides Sometimes we would like to be able to share only certain parts of a presentation. This is the reason why we created this new feature. Previously you had to open a new presentation and copy and paste the elements we wanted to share. Now, you can do it directly on the opened… Read more »

Often there is several presentation templates needed in professional teams and consultancies. Here is our recommended step-by-step guide to prepare and manage this situation Document your own workflow for yourself and others. Single-source-of-truth: Make sure everyone knows where the originals are placed. For example If you store them in SlideProof\Templates and copy them to somewhere… Read more »

Resize image dimensions using PowerPoint Normally to resize images you would use an image-editing software such as Adobe’s Photoshop, GIMP, etc. However, this tutorial is for those who have no access or knowledge to such software. Image sizes are mostly represented in pixels. However, PowerPoint uses Inches or Centimeters depending on your PowerPoint units customization…. Read more »