Did you ever wonder what the secret was to really mastering Windows? Well like most things in life, it’s probably a combination of several factors; but one of the quickest and simplest ways to master your computer is with keyboard shortcuts. Windows shortcuts allow you to do anything from a simple copy and paste (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V) to deleting something without moving it to the Recycling Bin (Shift+Delete)–all without taking your hands off of the keyboard.

If you are searching for the proverbial low hanging fruit of Windows productivity, keyboard shortcuts are the answer and KeyRocket is the quickest way to learn them.

So as you browse our Shortcut Database, keep in mind that there is an easier way! KeyRocket, our shortcut notification app, teaches you the shortcuts that you need. While you are working, KeyRocket analyses your mouse movements and suggests time-saving Windows shortcuts via a small notification window in the corner of your screen. KeyRocket keeps track of your progress and only displays notifications for key sequences that you haven’t learned yet, so it never bothers you. :)

KeyRocket offers a unique solution to an old problem; memorizing lists of  Windows shortcuts downloaded from websites like this. With KeyRocket you will soon master Windows and become the most productive person in the office.

In addition to the Windows shortcuts below, KeyRocket also supports the rest of the MS Office Suite 2007 and 2010 (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint). In all that’s about 1,700 shortcuts.

Windows XP Shortcut Database

Windows Vista Shortcut Database

Windows 7 Shortcut Database

Windows 8 Shortcut Database