SlideProof User Manual – Agenda

1.1 Agenda Pane
1.2 Add Sections
1.3 Edit Sections
1.4 Hyperlink
1.5 Settings
1.6 Reorder Slides
1.7 Update
1.8 Apply Design
1.9 Make your own Agenda
1.10 Use Divider Slides
1.11 Customize your Divider Slides
1.12 Create your Divider Slides

1.1 Agenda Pane

  1. Select “Agenda” under the SlideProof ribbon.
  2. Click “Show/Hide Agenda”.
Show/Hide Agenda
  1. The pane will open on the right side of the window. We will discuss it more in detail in the following sections.
Agenda Pane  

1.2 Add Sections

  1. Click “Add Section” button to add a new section.
  2. New section “Untitled Section” will be added.
Add Section  

1.3 Edit Sections

  1. Type the new section name and click “Update” or the “Enter” key to change the topic.
  2. Select the “Subsection” box if you want it to be a subsection.
  3. Type the responsible person’s name in.
  4. Enter the start time (if on a Title section) or duration.
Current Section
  1. Alternatively, right click on the section heading.
  2. Select “Edit Section…” to open the pane.
Edit Section  

To have a quick access to your Sections you just have to go on a page of your agenda:


1.5 Settings

  1. You can add or remove items.
  1. You can likewise modify its Content.
Agenda Settings  

1.6 Reorder Slides

  1. Left click and hold the slide you want to move.
  2. Drag the slide to the desired location and drop.
Reorder Sections  

1.7 Update

  1. Select “Agenda” under the SlideProof ribbon.
  2. Select “Update Agenda” to update the section and slide numbers.
Update Agenda  

1.8 Apply Design

  1. Select “Library” under the SlideProof ribbon.
  2. Click on “Agendas” to open the Library.
  3. Select a design from the Library and double click to insert.
Agenda Library  

1.9 Make your own Design

  1. Click “Agenda” under the SlideProof ribbon.
  2. Select “Edit Agenda Layout”.
  1. Use the Selection Pane (Alt+F10) to make hidden shapes visible.
  1. You can edit the color and font without ungrouping the sections.
  1. If you want to add or remove shapes you will need to ungroup the sections and then group them again when you are done editing.
  2. You can also add text placeholders – valid text placeholders are:
  1. Ungroup/Group shapes is done in the “Arrange” menu on the Productivity Pane.
  1. Group the shapes together into sections after editing and make sure the names are correct before you proceed.
  2. You will get the current section names automatically by selecting “Rename Agenda Layout Groups” in the “Agenda” menu.
  1. This can also be done manually by double clicking the section heading in the selection pane.
  2. Expected groups names are:
  1. Any shapes or images inside the groups will appear on the agenda slides.
  2. If you want it to be vertically centered on each Agenda slide, rename this layout to: SP Agenda Vertical.
  3. Exit the “Master view” and update the agenda to see the changes.

Note: If you would like to hide some elements on your Agenda, you should set them to no font: No Font

Creating Divider pages that only contain the Section name

  1. Create a normal design for “SP TOC”.
  2. Then for “SP Agenda”.
    1. Move all groups to the same vertical position.
    2. Reduce the height of all elements to 0.
    3. Move all non-highlighted groups outside of the chart and change the font to no fill.

Default Agenda Designs

When an agenda gets created the agenda design is searched for in the following order:

  1. Current Document (Layout named “SP Agenda” or “SP TOC”).
  2. Defaults.spzip (containing an agenda design).
  3. The hard-coded SlideProof Agenda default.

Storing options for Agenda Designs

When creating an agenda design you have the following options to store them:

  1. Publish as Master Template – any documents based on this file will have the same agenda design.
  2. Publish as Agenda Design – the agenda design appears in the Library and can be manually applied to the current document. This is good for publishing alternative designs with different columns etc.
  3. Publish as Default Agenda Design – save the file as “Defaults.pptx” and Publish as Agenda or Mixed Mode. This will store the design to be the default for presentations where no design is set up.

1.10 Use Divider Slides

  1. Open the Agenda Pane.
  2. Use the Agenda as you would use it normally – Add your sections and your subsections.
  3. Select “Divider Slides” in the Settings section.
  4. Update your Agenda.
  5. You now have divider pages showing up that look the same as your Table of Content.
  6. To customize your divider pages please refer to “Customize your Agenda Dividers”.
Use Dividers

1.11 Customize your Divider Slides

  1. Click on “Edit Agenda Layout” in Agenda drop-down menu.
  2. Find “SP Divider”.
  3. Duplicate this slide as many times as you would like to have different dividers.
  4. Customize the layout of each dividers.
  5. Close Master View.
  6. Update your Agenda.
Customise Dividers

Note: To change the order of the divider just drag and drop the divider in the order you would like them to show up in “Edit Agenda Layout” and update your Agenda

1.12 Create your Divider Slides

There is no slide in the master view called “SP Dividers”

  1. Open a new blank presentation.
  2. Create an Agenda using “Dividers Slides” and Publish it to your Library.
  3. Go to the desired presentation and upload the Agenda you just Published.
Create Dividers

Note: If you want the Agenda with Dividers to be your default Agenda, please do these changes inside your Master Template and republish it as a Template.

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