The Agenda Format is stored in a Layout in the Slide Master of the presentation. There, you can easily make edits to it.

  1. Switch to the Slide Master View and go to the agenda layout slide.
  2. Use the Selection Pane (Alt+F10) to make the hidden shapes of the Agenda visible (“show all”).
  3. Customize the formatting of the Agenda as needed.

Expected groups are:

  • SP Agenda Section
  • SP Agenda Section Highlight
  • SP Agenda Subsection
  • SP Agenda Subsection Highlight

Valid text placeholders are:

  • <N> for number
  • <TEXT> for section
  • <P> for page number

Make sure you group the shapes again after editing and hide the 4 groups before going back to the normal view.

Note: Any shapes or images inside the groups will appear on the agenda pages but the notice (SP Agenda Notice) will not.