Welcome to SlideProof! We’re happy to get you on board! In just 4 sections, we’ll introduce you to SlideProof’s main functionalities and we’ll give you tips to work better and faster with PowerPoint! You’ll soon know more about:
  • SlideProof Agenda
  • SlideProof Library
  • SlideProof Check
  • SlideProof Productivity Features

On the menu today: SlideProof Agenda

You love a nicely structured agenda, but not the hassle of manually creating one? SlideProof Agenda makes creating content pages surprisingly simple and updating is only a click away. Agenda 15

What will SlideProof get you?

  • Automatic agenda slides with page numbers
  • Highlighted current topic
  • Drag & drop agenda topics
  • Easy Design Customization

Get started!

  1. In the SlideProof ribbon, press Agenda,
  2. Enter the name of your sections,
  3. Finally close the dialog box when there is no more section to add.
Agenda 2

More advanced features

  • To create subsections, press “Agenda” and the button “subtopic” on the window that appears.
  • To change the order of sections, just drag and drop a PowerPoint section.
  • To update the agenda: if you change the name of a section or add a few slides, the agenda is automatically updated by pressing “update agenda” (small arrow under the button “Agenda”).
Any feedback how to make the Agenda better? Write to info@veodin.com P.S.: for very advanced users, if you want to know how to customize the design of your agenda, go to our Manual.