Now that you have a structured presentation (thanks, Agenda!) and full of content (thanks, Library!), let’s focus on making everything perfect with the Check!

On the menu today: the check functionality

You want to be sure that your presentation is perfect, but it means spending another couple of hours, and you only have a few minutes? SlideProof Check helps you spot all inconsistencies in your presentation and fix everything in a few seconds.

What will SlideProof get you?

  • One click checking for over 80 rules including double spaces, hyphenation, missing footnotes, mixed fonts, colors scheme, alignment, margins, bullet types, page numbers and many others
  • Check only selected slides
  • Prioritized warnings
  • Highly customizable rule-engine to fit your needs

Get started!

  1. In the SlideProof ribbon, press Check, and a window will appear on the right.
  2. You can check your presentation either slide by slide (bubbles on the slides or list on the window) or by category of inconsistencies.
  3. Then you can choose to fix the inconsistency or to ignore it, and you can delete the warning.
Note: You can increase the warning level to see more inconsistencies. Check 5

More advanced features

  • Check slide by slide or by category
  • Increase the warning level to see more inconsistencies
  • Hover over the warnings to get more information
  • Press “tools” to have an overview of your use of fonts, font sizes, font colors, outline styles in your presentation
Check What are your 3 favorite inconsistencies, the ones that you absolutely want to ban from your presentations? Write to! P.S.: for very advanced users, if you want to know how to customize the check to fit your needs, click here.