Now that you know everything about SlideProof’s Agenda, let’s focus on another killer feature: the library!

On the menu today: SlideProof Library

You want to share content with your team, but you always have to look for old presentations to find the right slide? SlideProof Library makes it easier to re-use historic slides or to share slides, shapes and masters with your team.

What will SlideProof get you?

  • Fast research of slides and shapes
  • Storing templates to start new presentations
  • Possibility to have 3 libraries: personal, team, company
  • Works with SharePoint, network drive, Dropbox
Library 1

Get started!

  1. In the SlideProof ribbon, press Library.
  2. Type the name of what you’re looking for (or just start typing it – it will show up very quickly).
  3. Double click on the slide or shape and it’s inserted in your presentation. You can also drag and drop!
Library 3

More advanced features

  • In order to publish things in the library, create a document with the things you want to publish, press the little arrow under “Publish” and choose the kind of content you want to publish (master, slides, or shapes)
  • The library can contain any content (logos, maps, slides with content, layout slides, templates)
  • You can use different libraries (personal, team, company) and set their path in “settings”
Do you want to know how to prepare your Master? Write to! P.S.: for very advanced users, if you want to set up your library for your team, go to our Manual.