Now that you know everything about SlideProof’s main tools (Agenda, Library, Check), let’s focus on more details: our productivity tools!

On the menu today: productivity tools

You’d like to work faster with PowerPoint but you always struggle between different tabs to find the right tool? SlideProof is here to help! You’ll find every productivity feature you need in the SlideProof ribbon in order to work faster with PowerPoint.

What will SlideProof get you?

  • Align, stack, distribute boxes
  • Same height, width, size
  • Switch positions
  • Set margins and toggle autofit

Get started! Align 3 boxes

  1. First select a shape.
  2. Then select other shapes you want them to align to the first selected.
  3. Press the button needed in the SlideProof ribbon!
Note: The difference with the alignment features on PowerPoint is that PowerPoint always aligns to the most extreme shape, not the one you selected first. prod 2

More advanced features: you can also

  • Customize your text box with the bullets and indents you use
  • Insert placeholders (draft sticker, confidential sticker, footnote, source note…)
  • Unify shapes
Do you miss any productivity tools in the SlideProof ribbon? Just write to to give us your feedback! P.S.: for very advanced users, if you want to know how to create your own placeholders, go to our Manual.