SlideProof User Manual – Library Setup

11.1 Library Storage
11.2 Excluded folders
11.3 Create a shared Library
11.4 Add a custom path to your Library

11.1 Library Storage

There are several options to store the SlideProof Library files:

11.2 Excluded folders

Library storage location folder: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Veodin\SlideProof – Library Cache and log files.

Some folders are explicitly excluded which means that no library files will be found inside:

11.3 Create a shared Library

  1. Company / Team Library Folder Set up

    • Create a folder on your network drive. Call it “SlideProof Library”.
    • Go to your SlideProof settings and link your Company/Team library path to this folder.
    • Let you colleagues know where the Company/Team folder is saved, so that they can also link the library path to that folder.
    • Now your colleagues have access to the library content you set up with the instructions below.
  2. Save the followings documents in that folder:

    • Your company Master – as pptx.
    • Your Slide Library (a document with sample slides) – as pptx.
    • Your Shapes Document (maps, flags, logos, pictures, etc) – as pptx.
  3. Click on the arrow under Publish and select the type of document you want to publish.Your colleagues will have access to the library you’ve just created!

Note: After you’ve published, you’ll find 6 files in your library folder (3 pptx that you’ve created + 3 spzip files that are the library files associated).

Learn how it works when using WebDAV.

11.4 Add a custom path to your Library

  1. Open regedit.
  2. Go to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Veodin\SlideProof
  3. Add a new String Value.
  4. Rename it LibraryPath_<Name>
  5. Open SlideProof and go to Settings > Library.
  6. Add the desired path.

If you would like us to help you setting up your Library please complete this form.

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