SlideProof User Manual – Style Painter

9.1 Create your Styles
9.2 Use your Styles

The Style Painter allows you to quickly change the formatting of a presentation. For example when aligning slides from different source to company format or when changing the visualization from company format to client format (or vice-versa).


9.1 Create your Styles

  1. Click on Tools and Create Style. The Slide Master is now open
  2. Create the shapes you’ll use for your presentations
  3. Once you created your shapes, select the shapes one by one, name them and tick the wanted options
  4. Close the Slide Master View, your shapes are now created

9.2 Use your Styles

  1. Click on Tools and Style
  2. Select the shapes you have on your slides and click on the shape in the Styles
  3. Your shapes look now the same as the shape you created before

Applying a style to a shape only works for the same kind of shape (circle with circle, arrow with arrow etc…)

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