SlideProof User Manual – Template Changer

7.1 Introduction
7.2 Open Template Changer
7.3 Select Destination Template
7.4 Select Layout
7.5 Apply New Template
7.6 Finalize
7.7 Advanced

7.1 Introduction

  1. You have a slide, which you want to have another layout
  1. You try to:
After PPT
  1. You don’t like the result, and give our feature a try

7.2 Open Template Changer

  1. Find it under “New” under the SlideProof ribbon
  1. The feature will start

7.3 Select Destination Template

  1. When you first open the Template Changer, the pane will look as follows
No Template Selected
  1. Select a destination template to change to. If your presentation does not contain the wanted template, you can load it from another presentation
Select Destination Template  

7.4 Select Layout

  1. Choose the slide layout from the selected destination template you want to apply to the current slide
Select Destination Layout  

7.5 Apply New Template

  1. To apply to the current slide, click “Change”
  2. To apply to all slides, click “Change All”
Apply New Template
  1. To undo the last changes, click “Undo”
Undo Apply New Template  

7.6 Finalize

  1. At the end, finalize and remove the unused Templates
  1. The result after using SlideProof Template Changer
After SlideProof  

7.7 Advanced

  1. You can customize the conversion, if you want. Expand the “Settings” region
  2. Following processors are available:
  1. You can customize colors for fill, outline, font and bullet colors. Check the “Custom Color Mapping” checkbox and expand the wanted region
  2. Colors are converted according to custom conversion rules. PowerPoint converts colors by index position in the theme. For example Background1 White to Background1 Black. Change the destination color in the dropdown to achieve a better conversion. For example Background1 White to Background2 White. Note: This forces non-theme colors into closest matching color from the original color scheme.
  1. Templates can be also loaded from the library
Load From Library
  1. Conversion settings can be saved as an XML file. This may be very useful if you want to save your custom color mappings
XML Settings
  1. You can also edit XML Settings manually
Edit Settings
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