Features Comparable Product SlideProof Macabacus PPT Efficient Elements for Presentations ThinkToolKit Upslide One/ Upslide Enterprise Empower
Company Veodin Macabacus PPT Efficient Elements ThinkToolkit Upslide Made in Office
Agenda Inserting, removing and renaming topics
User customizable agenda design
Library Store shapes
Store powerpoint slides
Productivity Basic producitivity tools
Batch editing tools for fonts, color types and line types
Textbox with custom bullets
Ability to create custom objects (like harvey balls and traffic lights)
Check Formatting, layout and content checks
Custom settings – customize the way it checks/alerts
Check function accuracy
Price *All prices have been recalculated to Euro. The indicated prices are for 1 user per year € 149 € 184 € 118 € 99 Upslide One: € 240 Upslide Enterprise: € 360 Not available for single users
Overall rating based on survey 100% 43% 43% 18% 27% 68%
Explanation of icons: = 25-50%, = 75%, = 100%