Why do Consultants use PowerPoint add-ins?

PowerPoint is still the most popular presentation tool among consultants. Productivity add-ins are now filling the demand for more advanced features and customized solutions in the industry. Below we outline the main reasons consultants use add-ins for PowerPoint.

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1. PowerPoint development has stagnated

While Microsoft improves existing tools and functions every three years with their new releases of the Office Suite, it is rare to see new tools. PowerPoint is not evolving fast enough to keep up with the demand for advanced features.

2. Add-ins reduces the number of revisions

Add-ins like SlideProof offer advanced checking tools that detect and fix inconspicuous errors. Thirty revisions become one. As one consultant puts it, “It has saved our consulting teams several hours which frees us up to focus more on the content of our slides.” Often, the smallest mistakes can have the biggest negative impact on the impression of the whole presentation.

3. Deck consistency is easier to achieve

We all know that consistency in color, font and text placement is very important. Deviations from the company-prescribed branding can be a serious error. Add-ins make checking the deck easy, and the best ensure this consistency is maintained company-wide with master templates and sharing.

4. Cuts the learning curve

Becoming proficient in PowerPoint takes longer than many would believe. Add-ins makes reduces the manual labor and produces great results faster for people with less experience. The leading add-ins are so intuitive that you learn as you work, as opposed to spending a whole day taking a PowerPoint course.

About SlideProof


SlideProof is a productivity add-in for PowerPoint used by consultants and professionals around the world. It makes creating, checking and distributing content easier than ever before. Read more about the SlideProof features below or go to the SlideProof page here.






Creates instant structure in your presentations and makes it possible to customize your own agenda designs (more)

Checks content, layout and formatting for over 80 rules including double spaces, alignment and colour scheme (more)

Creates a company, team or personal knowledge base and makes it easy to publish, find and insert content (more)

Consists of a wide range of useful tools that makes creating, unifying and sharing content effortless (more)

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